Where to Find the Best Bras for Plus Size Women

Where to Find the Best Bras for Plus Size Women

Where to Find the Best Bras for Plus Size Women
Finding the perfect bra for your unique body can be difficult at times. Plus size women often have the added difficulty of not being able to find bras in the right size and fit, leaving them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. But the search doesnt have to be so daunting! Whether youre seeking a full-coverage bra, a strapless option, a low-impact sports bra, or a balconette style, there are plenty of places where you can find bras that cater to your shape and size.

If youre looking for a well-fitting bra that is both comfortable and supportive for your full figure, youll want to visit a local department store that offers a wide selection of size-inclusive lingerie. Department stores like Nordstrom, Macys, and Dillards usually carry a range of plus size bras in various styles and sizes, so youre sure to find something that suits your needs. You can also usually get a professional bra fitting done at these stores, which can help make your shopping experience even more successful.

If youd prefer to shop online, there are also plenty of websites offering a wide selection of plus size bras. Specialty lingerie retailers like Figleaves, Bare Necessities, and Lane Bryant carry a variety of bras in sizes up to 44I (UK) or 54N (US). These retailers offer a range of other lingerie items such as bralettes, panties, and more, so you can always find the perfect set to match your bras.

When shopping for plus size bras, look out for features like wide-set straps, cushioned straps, adjustable straps, and full-coverage bands to ensure you get the most results. Also, make sure the band and cup sizes are correctly marked. Some brands will have their own sizing system and may differ from standard brands, so its important to know your measurements so you can find the correct size.

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If youre looking for an alternative to traditional bra options, there are also several companies that offer bralettes for plus size women. Bralettes are lightweight bras with unlined cups that provide support and comfort. Bralettes from companies like Aerie, ThirdLove, and Adore Me offer stylish bras in sizes up to 42H (UK) and 50J (US). And because bralettes are becoming increasingly popular, there are now specialized lingerie stores like True & Co. that cater specifically to the plus size community.

If you want something different from the standard bras that can be found in stores, why not consider making your own? There are several plus size bra patterns available online that can be printed and used to create a custom bra that is tailored to your specific needs and body shape. Even if youre a beginner, dont be afraid to learn more about bra making since it can be a great way to save money while getting that perfectly-fitted bra.

If you prefer the convenience of buying ready-made bras, companies like Elomi, Goddess, and Freya have high-quality plus size bras in various designs such as balconettes and plunge styles. These bras are known for their excellent fit and comfort and can provide the full coverage you need. Finally, Torrid and Lane Bryant are popular stores for plus-size lingerie that go up to size 52KK (UK) or 60RR (US). They are well-loved among women for their comfy styles, wide range of bras, and budget-friendly prices.

No matter where you decide to look for your ideal bra, always remember that the best size for you is the size that fits correctly and makes you feel comfortable and confident. With all of the options now available, it has never been easier to find the perfect plus size bra for you!

For plus size women looking for more comfort and support, there are also a few different bra options available. High impact sports bras are designed to provide support and reduce discomfort when exercising, and some are even made with built-in padding for additional protection. Brands like Moving Comfort, Bravado, and Glamorise make bras with extra wide shoulder straps, fuller cups, and unique encircling bands that are specifically designed for the plus-size body.

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For a beautiful everyday bra option, full-sized wire bras are a great choice. Not only do they provide ample amounts of support, but some of them come with additional features such as padded cups and adjustable bands that provide additional comfort. Elila and Freya are two excellent brands that specialize in high quality plus size bras with full bands and wires. The bras come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can always find something that fits your style.

If youre looking for an everyday bra but dont want the fuss of underwires, a soft cup bra is an excellent alternative. Playtex makes some of the best soft cup bras in sizes up to 52H (UK) or 60O (US). The bras come in a variety of styles and colors, and they feature wider straps and wider bands that provide extra support for plus size women.

Ladies who prefer a more sultry look might want to try a balconette-style bra. Balconette bras provide maximum lift and cleavage, while still being incredibly comfortable. Brands like Elomi, Wacoal, and Goddess specialize in plus size balconette bras with fabulous colors and designs. Some even come with straps that can be customized to fit various sizes and body types.

If youre going out for a special occasion, there are also special occasion bras designed specifically for plus size women. These bras have intricate designs and details and provide extra support and cleavage for an evening out. Flora Nikrooz, Triumph, and Eveden are just some of the brands that make memorable bras for special occasions.

No matter what kind of bra youre looking for, the key is to find one that is comfortable, well fitting, and offers the support you need. With all the different options now available, plus size women no longer have to sacrifice style and comfort to get the perfect bra. So dont be afraid to try on different styles and sizesyoure sure to find something that fits your unique body perfectly!