Throw Away Those Sleeves with These Workouts to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Throw Away Those Sleeves with These Workouts to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Is arm fat a constant source of embarrassment for you? Are you tired of hiding underneath long sleeve tops in the summertime? Getting rid of arm fat isn’t as hard as you might think. Instead of trying to fight a losing battle with sleeve lengths, throw them out and get to work losing arm fat with these workouts.

Are you ready to show off toned, sculpted arms? Well, it’s time to get those arms moving and work toward the body of your dreams. Let’s look at some of the best exercises for slimmer arms. Push-ups are an easy and effective way to start toning those arms fast. Start in plank position and with your elbows pressed close to your sides as you lower your body down. You can even modify to a wall push-up position if needed. Once you master your form, you can start adding reps and sets as you increase your strength.

Squats are another excellent workout to tone and trim the arms.Hold a light weight in each hand and as you squat, extend your arms out from your sides at chest level, palms facing down to the ground. This compound motion helps to shape the arms and tightens the muscles.

Dips are yet another way to quickly target those trouble areas. Find a chair, bench or table and off you go. Place your hands on the edge of the chair/bench/table and with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor, slowly lower your body while keeping your elbows close to your sides. Make sure your arms stay straight as you lower your body. When you feel the burn, you know you’ve got the right form.

Tricep push-downs really target the back of the arms. Grab a light weight and stand in front of a high pulley. Keeping your back straight, hold the bar attached to the high pulley with your arm extended and palms facing down. Now, slowly lower the bar downto your thighs. This is one of the best exercises to isolate the arms.

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Ready to really up the challenge? Try a complex arm workout that combines multiple exercises into one set. Start off with push-ups and then move on to tricep push-downs. For the next round, do dips and finish with squats. Each set of this arm workout will target the upper arm in different ways. As your strength grows, add more reps and sets to see results even faster.

Take your workouts further by adding a cardio element. This will help you to burn more calories and work to increase your metabolism. Get on a stationary bike, take a jog around the block, or jump rope for a few minutes. Cardio helps to burn calories and build muscle in the arms as well as other parts of the body.

Now that you have the know-how, it’s time to do the work and watch that arm fat start to disappear.

To really up the ante, switch up your existing workouts. Try different exercises and add weight as you gain strength. Change the number of reps each set, or increase the number of rounds. Switching up your workouts can help to keep things fresh while challenging different parts of the arm.

Be sure to stretch before and after each work out, and fully mobilize your arms with little circles and arm circles to warm them up. Also consider adding yoga or Pilates to the mix for overall toning. Try reverse flys, planks with tricep shoulder taps, and boat pose.

Eat healthy, stay hydrated, and get moving. Your arms will thank you. Throw out those sleeves and show off those toned arms today.