Slay the Summer Heat with These Ways to Hide Back

Slay the Summer Heat with These Ways to Hide Back

Slay the Summer Heat with These Ways to Hide Back Fat
Beating summer heat can be really challenging but then it can be doubly challenging if you’re concerned about how your back fat may look in the stunning dresses and tops you plan to wear. No woman wants to have back fat visible in their clothing and it can make you feel really self-conscious and embarrassed. So if you’re looking for ways to hide back fat- we’ve got you covered! Read on for super tips and tricks to slay the summer heat with style.

Firstly, check out support-wear. Invest in supportive camisoles, tank tops and t-shirts. Wearing the right kind of support underwear can make a difference in how back fat looks. Opt for full-coverage garments and styles that will help you to look smooth, toned and sleek. Select a material that is breathable for comfort and stylishness. Wear a t-shirt or a tank top under any dress to provide an extra layer of support.

Exercise regularly with effective moves. Exercise is the key to remaining fit and healthy throughout summer and throughout the year. Incorporate foods and drinks that support good health plus exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and planks into your regular schedule. Clasping your hands together over your head and stretching as you twist your upper body to the sides is an excellent move to keep your back toned and prevent or reduce your back fat.

Thirdly, select the right dresses and tops. An empire-waist dress or shirt that cinches just below the bust can be a great way to hide your back fat. Team these dresses and tops with an open or closed blazer, kimono or cardigan. Cardigans make great layering pieces- layer these over plain camisoles and tank tops. Additionally, opt for scrunched-up, long shirts and fitted leggings or maxi skirts to cover the back fat and still look killer.

Fourthly, maintain a healthy weight. Consider your diet. Count calories and manage your intake of high-calorie foods. Pay attention to portion sizes and watch your protein, complex carbohydrate and fibre intake. Eating whole foods like lean protein, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and mix of heart-healthy fats like olives, avocados and nuts will keep you satiated for a longer time and provide you with all essential nutrients.

Fifthly, dont overdo. Steer clear of backless dresses and halter tops, as these can draw attention to your back fat. If you are wearing a backless dress, wear a tank top or camisole underneath it, as itll provide a layering effect and the fabric of the camisole will keep your back fat in check.

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For daring many looks, try using a beauty product- body makeup or body shimmer. Body makeup is meant to be applied to the body and is designed to smooth out uneven patches and create a polished look. Moreover, they come in a variety of shades and textures and can help to disguise back fat in a pinch.

And lastly, prioritize comfort. If your top or dress doesnt feel right, dont wear it. Choose a stylish outfit that is comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Clothes that are too tight or too big can make back fat more obvious and can also be really uncomfortable.

When it comes to summer wear, the options are endless. But with back fat and the pressure of it showing while wearing summer dresses, it can be a daunting thought to try something beautiful. However, there are quite a few ways to hide your back fat and enjoy fashionably with utmost comfort. Here are four more ways that you can try:

Firstly, switch up the lingerie. You dont have to invest in an entire line of shape-wear to camouflage your back fat. You can go for simpler options like sports bras instead of plain bras, as the elasticity of the material will firmly hold your back in place. Additionally, adding a low impact exercise routine specifically targeting your back muscles will show results within a few weeks.

Secondly, choose a classic top. Wearing a classic top with tailored darts to create a slimming effect can draw attention away from your back. Also, make sure that your top fits well around your waist and shoulders and not too tight around your entire back. To give the illusion of a leaner shape, select tops with vertical stripes, draping details or colour blocking. Itll create an elongated silhouette and will go a long way in hiding your back fat.

Thirdly, play with patterns. Wear patterned maxis or a plunging dress to strategically hide your love handles. Patterns help to create the illusion of a more sleek and slim frame. Horizontal stripes can be quite helpful in camouflaging this area. Select symmetrical patterns in small, bright hues to slim the figure and disguise the back fat.

Fourthly, downplay your arms. Drawing attention away from your back is a great way to get around the problem of hiding back fat. Choose dresses, tops and layers that camouflage your arms and draws attention away from your back. Lace blazers, off-shoulders, puff-sleeves- all these can help in making your arms look slimmer and toned while simultaneously hiding your back fat.

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There is no doubt that summer heat can be unbearable and all the more difficult if you’re self-conscious about how your back fat looks in the beautiful dresses and tops you plan to wear. Worry not, here are four more quick and easy ways to slay summer heat while camouflaging your back fat with style:

Firstly, proper posture matters. Having an upright and correct posture will make your back look leaner and slimmer. You can do this by standing tall and stretching your spine. Pulling your shoulders away from your ears and towards your back, might help in emphasizing your back muscles. You can also use a posture corrector, as this will help in your goal of having better posture and maintaining it all day.

Secondly, shapewear is your friend. A size down shapewear can make your back look toned, lean and flat. Wearing compression tops and internal control tops will help reduce back fat and appear well-covered. Look for well-fitting shapewear styles as that can be a great asset in hiding your back fat.

Thirdly, go for supportive tops. Invest in tops that come with built-in support like waist support and corsets to keep your back fat under control. Going for a top that is tailored to provide extra support around the midsection with waist belts or strategic panels can help in concealing back fat. Plus, if you have wider hips, choose a top that cinches at the waist and helps in creating an hourglass shape.

Fourthly, try denim and jackets. Team your top with lightweight denim or blazer. Theyre a great way to cover your back fat and look super stylish as well. Throw a denim jacket that fits you like a glove over a maxi dress or cotton tank top to hide the back fat in a fashionable way.


There’s nothing wrong in wanting to look confident and gorgeous in the summer heat. Here are yet four more hacks to help you slay the summer heat while simultaneously hiding back fat:

Firstly, embrace your curves. Choose a dress with a waist belt thatll cinch your waist and give the appearance of an hourglass figure, thus naturally minimizing the appearance of back fat. You can also opt for fabric with flattering horizontal stripes to create a slimmer line around the waist.

Secondly, the art of layering. Layered and draped outfits are your friends while hiding back fat. Try wearing two pieces- like a knee-length jersey or cardigan with an alluring dress to slim the figure and avoid making those unwanted curves obvious. Plus, you can often find dresses with strategically placed ruching or pleats that provide the look of a more tailored fit.

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Thirdly, wear the right size. Thats really important here. If you wear anything too tight, itll just pinch and make your back fat visible. That said, clothes that are too loose tend to make the bulge appear larger than it is. Opt for well-fitted tops and blouses that are tailored to your body size in order to hide the back fat.

Fourthly, beat the heat. Keep yourself hydrated and opt for lightweight, breathable fabric. Make sure that youre drinking enough fluids throughout the entire day and keep an eye out for clothing items made of natural fabrics- such as cotton, linen, and silk as they are lightweight and airy and will avoid your figure looking bulky.


As far as hiding back fat is concerned, here are four more tips to get you through:

Firstly, invest in long tops. Tunics and long, flowing tops that graze your curves are perfect for keeping you comfortable and also for hiding any visible back fat. And then you can also try wearing a shrug or a cape over it to provide an extra layer of coverage if needed.

Secondly, go for high-waist bottoms. High-waisted leggings, shorts, and skirts are your BFFs for back fat culprits as they provide maximum coverage and help to flatten the lower back. Furthermore, you can try wearing a maxi dress and then pair it with a wide belt or a wrap around the waist to effectively mask any back fat.

Thirdly, pick the right colour and fabric. White-on-white or solid colorful tops with darker bottoms along with a great pair of loose jeans or geometric print pants can really help minimize the appearance of your back fat. Look for shorts, skirts, and rides made of cotton, a light denim or a linen type fabric; these will give you the most comfortable fit.

Fourthly, flick your hair over. Throwing your hair over your shoulder is a great way to get some attention away from your midsection and can help you rock a dress without exposing your back. Also, focus on elements like earrings, necklaces, or bags, as they can easily attract attention to the non-bulging areas.