Is Bra Bulge Unavoidable?

Is Bra Bulge Unavoidable?

Bra bulge is an issue many of us may identify with. Whether you’re a size zero or plus size, it’s likely you still experience unflattering bulging beneath your clothing from standard everyday bras. But just because you experience this does not make it something that needs to be accepted as a norm. Is bra bulge unavoidable or can we take steps to get rid of it?

When shopping for bras, it’s easy to go for the standard sizing that almost all lingerie stores offer. But just because a bra fits well, it doesn’t mean it’s flattering; in fact, many bras instead create these unflattering bulges that occur when the wrong size or fit is chosen. Many women are so accustomed to wearing ill-fitted bras, that they don’t realize it’s possible to totally avoid bra bulge.

But making that elusive shift to finding the right sized bra for your shape and size is absolutely achievable. Firstly, knowing the correct size for yourself is key. Of course, you should go off of your measurements, but be aware that you should be re-measuring frequently as our bodies change continually over time. Following an accurate size guide when shopping for lingerie is essential to identify the right fit for you.

Once you have accurately identified the size range that should work for you, look for bras with a good shape and feel. This way you can be sure the fabric and design are supporting you and also really lifting you on the inside; something essential when avoiding bra bulge. This will also lead to you wearing items that make you feel comfortable, yet still look chic and fashionable too.

If you’re struggling with back bulge, look for bras with underwire which will give the much needed structure and support in this area. It’s also a good idea to look for bras with wide straps in order to distribute the weight evenly. Even when wearing the brightest and boldest of clothing, the right bra will ensure you look smooth and feel secure.

Try a range of different styles, because at the end of the day being fashion forward and stylish isn’t just about wearing the latest trends. It’s also about understanding what works for us in our own individual way and learning to love our own body. No matter the style, bra connoisseurs recommend you try out several pieces so you can find the perfect fit that makes you look and feel good.

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Consider thicker straps, soft padding and more structured designs which could help to minimise the appearance and feel of troublesome bra bulging. Lingerie experts suggest going for slightly stretchy and elasticated fabrics too, in order to provide you with a good level of comfort and movement throughout the day. Could sheer fabrics be the secret weapon against bra bulge? Be brave and try something new.

Look into the seam construction of bras. Seam placement also makes a difference; being sewn too close together can create bulge, however if they’re placed further apart they can create more of a supported fit which helps to bring everything together.

Invest in multiple bras, ensuring all of them are well fitted for different occasions. Bralette-style bras were once thought of as being purely for special occasions, however, with the designs and styles such as those in the Curvy Kate collection, this no longer needs to be the case. Look for smaller and more subtle designs so you can wear them under day-to-day clothing without looking too over the top.

Finally, don’t forget there are also specific bras designed for working out too. Again, ensure you’re accurate when taking your measurements and seeking the right fit. In particular for high impact sports, wearing a supportive and well-fitted bra is invaluable to reducing movement from the chest area, helping to really keep the body in check.

Avoiding bra bulge can no longer be dismissed as untouchable. It’s all about understanding what suits best for your body, having fun with your style choices and wearing the pieces you’re most comfortable in. When you put in that extra effort to get the right bra, it can easily become an empowering experience which shapes your confidence and attitude.

On the one hand, investing in shapewear slips that have comfortable, supportive bras designed in can be great options for smoothing out tones and disguising bulge. On the other, flexible, pullover designs can be more suitable if you want a more relaxed fit for everyday wearing.

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Consider balconette bras which are often thought of as being one of the most stylish bras. They give you support in the right places, help to lift and shape the contours of the breasts and are extremely versatile in that they can be worn in an array of clothing styles, from bodycon, to crop tops and off the shoulder dresses and tops.

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of those stubborn back bulges, look for wider and thicker straps than usual. Such styles are best for those of us with larger bust sizes, as the straps are distributed more evenly and won’t dig into your skin. Plunging designs with a softer, supportive fabric is also a great choice for avoiding back bulge and looking extraordinary all day long.

Ultimately, bra bulge is a thing of the past with the right kind of awareness and styling. Investing in a few well-fitted pieces that suit multiple occasions can make all the difference. If you’ve been wearing ill-fitted bras, now’s the time to switch up your style and wear exactly what you want without compromising on the style and support you’re looking for.

The cumulative experience of different bras, which fit your specific body shape, can also elevate your wardrobe. This doesn’t just have to mean wearing what others think looks good on you; it’s about looking good in your own eyes too. So why not be proud of your style and enjoy those extra few minutes every morning when you get to choose a lingerie look you love?

Rather than focusing all of your time on problems, try shifting the narrative to one of self-celebration and empowerment. Believe it or not, wearing the right bra and lingerie can be the transforming factor of any outfit. This is especially so when you add a touch of personality to each look, showing off your inner diva while still feeling comfortable, confident and secure.

A final question to consider is, what are the advantages of wearing a well-fitted bra? A lot, actually. By wearing a well-fitted, flattering bra, you’re also surely going to reduce overall shoulder pain, maintain posture, and just generally feel like you’re on top of the world. It may be a piece of lingerie, but don’t underestimate its power.

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When shopping for lingerie, you may come across various fabrics to choose from. Silicon-based pieces are among some of the most supportive designs available, however, if you’re looking for lightweight and breathable materials that offer seam-free style, then opt for an innovative material such as spandex or lycra.

Regardless of fashion choices, always remember the importance of taking all of your measurements accurately in order to get the right fit for your body. You can do this by using a measuring tape around the bust and back to identify your size range and then going up or down a size to find the perfect one that works for you.

Try out a variation of styles too. UnderThings offers an interesting range of basics to chic looks which come in a variety of shoulder designs, such as narrow-strapped plunge styles and hollow back details to name a few. This is great for those who prefer something a little more extra to complete their desired look.

Failing that, if you’re looking for more extreme support, then wire free bras can provide an abundance of comfort due to their simple and minimalist designs. Additionally, these bras are ideal for ladies who prefer not to wear tight banded bras, as they provide a much more relaxed fit while still keeping everything in place.

So, is bra bulge unavoidable? Thankfully not. Once you have identified a good fit for yourself, then there are endless pieces available that offer fashionable coverage while being supportive and creating a beautifully crafted silhouette. At the end of the day, bra bulge is not about fashion and trends, it’s about finding a style that allows you to move freely, look stylish, and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.