How to Conquer Bra Bulge: Finding the Right Bra for Smoother Back Fat

How to Conquer Bra Bulge: Finding the Right Bra for Smoother Back Fat

Drooping shoulders or back fat can give your figure an undesired bulge. Conquering bra bulge is an important first step in achieving a flatter silhouette and replacing bulky undergarment with the right fitting bra. When it comes to finding the most suitable bra, there are several factors to keep in mind that can help you get the best wear for a smoother back.

Begin your search with knowing your size. Many of us are unaware of the size of our bust that can cause a fitting issue resulting in an unflattering silhouette. To find the perfect size, measure your underbust and bust size in inches to get the right measurements and try on a couple of bras to get the feeling of the fit. Opt for a brand with adjustable hook and eye closures that offer a snug fit for your frame, so that your bra can be adjusted over time with wear.

Next, support is a crucial factor in getting the perfect wear for your shape. A supportive bra is designed to keep the bust in place and is usually constructed with strong straps, a wide center gore which prevents the breasts from bulking. Many offer wireless to provide maximum support and soft padding in the sides and back that pulls your skin inwards for a smoother look.

The band of the bra is designed to ensure the boobs are properly fit into the cups and prevent back fat from jutting out. For this reason, many brands manufacture bras with a higher band size which plays an important role in keeping the bust in place. Additionally, the band must be tight and snug to ensure the support holds and pull all the areas for a smoother back.

Not all bras are designed for every woman, so think of the shape of your bust and select styles that best works with your bust size. Many brands offer full coverage bras, side-smoothing demi-cups, seamless bralettes and convertible push-up bras that can be worn with an open back ensuring a smooth silhouette.

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When it comes to colors, if you wish to go with inconspicuous styles, then opt for a smooth, seamless bra with partial coverage cups in a color such as beige, black, grey, brown, or navy blue. If you are a fan of prints, then try on lace patterned, animal print, floral print or something bright and cheerful, while considering the fabric of the bra. Choose a fabric in which you feel comfortable and which gives you a fresh feeling through out the day.

We have identified the essential elements of a bra style that can help you have a smoother back. However, the next step is making sure it’s comfortable, as delicate and soft fabric will protect your skin from chafing and harm. Look for bras with adjustable straps that won’t dig into your shoulder, but make sure it still keeps its shape without losing its elasticity too quickly. The material should also be breathable so it will keep you cool while functional sweat-proof properties will prevent sweat from sticking to the fabric.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of finding the perfect bra for smoother back fat, let’s look at specific types of bras that you can wear.

Sports Bras: A sports bra is made for women who are engaged in rigorous activities such as jogging, running, cycling and other high impact sports as they are designed to provide maximum coverage and support. The straps are designed to not dig in, and the cups are made to hold your breast firmly, which can help limit discomfort and can be plain or fashionably patterned.

T-shirt Bra: The T-shirt bra is designed with a light padding and a light wire that are designed to project and round the curves of the breast softly whilst providing comfort and a slick, sleek finish. So, it’s perfect for almost any occasion and comes either in seamless or fashionably plain fabric.

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Minimizers: If you have large breasts, you know that the weight can pull down and create extra space in the back, leading to back fat. In this case, you can try a minimizer bra as it redistributes the breast tissue, bringing you a more focused and smaller bust proportion.

Push-up Bras: Push-up bras use cushioning and a moulded cup design to create cleavage and lift the breast. It is designed with a wider wings that provide good coverage but a smooth silhouette and can minimize the back fat.

Control Briefs: To support and contour the back fat, waist cinchers, and control briefs made of spandex and cotton are great options. They are featuring comfortable slimming panels that help provide the silhouette you desire with extra coverage while providing compression to areas such as the belly, thighs and lower back.

One Piece Shapewear:One-piece shapewear is perfect for special occasions or nightwear as they are designed with the same smoothness as regular lingerie with added support and shaping. The design usually covers the midsection from the bra to the hips and comes with adjustable shoulder straps that flex to the user’s shape.

Racerback Brassieres:Having straps that cross in the back, the racerback style is designed with a wider band under the shoulder blades that can help keep them in place and reduce the appearance of back fat. The shape provides support and coverage and is perfect for exercise and every day comfort.

High-neck Shaper Tops: High neck shaper tops are great as they don’t just eliminate back fat, but also create a slimmer silhouette. With a sleek, yet supportive fit, the high-neck shaper tops are designed to hide the double chin and help slim the midsection and lift the bust.

The secret to conquering bra bulge is finding the right type of bra that fits your body perfectly, provides comfort, and just the right amount of support that keeps everything in place for a smoother silhouette. It is essential to do your research, try on different styles and sizes to get the perfect fit and size that will last you over time. Understanding the features, advantages and disadvantages of each bra style and making sure it fit will ensure you look and feel confident.