Ditch the Dreaded Muffin Top: Tips for Hiding Back Fat

Ditch the Dreaded Muffin Top: Tips for Hiding Back Fat

Ditch the Dreaded Muffin Top: Tips for Hiding Back Fat
Banish your love handle and muffin top woes! We all have areas of our body wed like to change but rather than dwelling on what we can’t have, let’s focus on what to do now! You dont have to feel bad if you don’t have a perfectly flat or toned physique. In fact, being comfortable in your own skin is the key to feeling truly beautiful – and it starts with the clothes you wear. Embrace some sartorial savvy to conceal and flatter and cheekily trick the eye to make you feel a million dollars.

There are clever wardrobe hacks you can employ to conceal and disguise your back fat. Start with the basics by investing in the basics such as figure-hugging bras for extra support and seamless underwear to give you a smooth silhouette. Avoid clingy, tight clothing as it will cling and create unflattering bulges. Choose stretchier fabric instead. Apply the rule of thumb – if in doubt, go for something a size up. It’s easier to take in clothing than it is to let it out.

Once youve chosen comfortable shapes, its time to smarten up. If you’re heading to the office opt for tailored pieces such as blazers and jackets and pick a length which hits around the hip or just below. Structured trousers, such as cigarette or wide leg trousers make for great alternatives to jeans. For more formal occasions look for longline tops or a jumpsuit.

When youre off-duty, explore options which will distract people from your back fat such as bold prints or a bright colour. Voluminous skirts, which hang below the waist, are a great option being form fitting on top but looser around the midsection and bum area. For evening wear opt for loose, pleated skater dresses and a cropped jacket or shrug – they look elegant whilst streamlining the midsection.

Now for the exciting stuff – accessories! Wearing a long necklace which falls at or below the neckline will cleverly draw the focus away from your back fat. If you’re wearing an open back dress and feel wary, add a shrug or cropped biker jacket. Layering is your friend, so reach for knits and cardigans to wear over tops and a pair of bold earrings or head scarf will help channel a fun, stylish look.

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Ready to hit the beach? Don’t let fear stop you and be brave. Invest in a supportive swimsuit or tankini. Be sure to take the time to try all your options and pick one you feel the most confident in. Dont be afraid to mix and match sizes – try pairing a small top with a larger bottom for a modern silhouette. Accessorising is optional but you can always pair yours with a long maxi skirt and oversized beach shirt to add extra coverage.

It’s all about selecting shapes, cuts and silhouettes which make you feel great and beautiful within your own body. So, unlock the magic power of dressing and make wardrobe choices to flatter and camouflage your body.

When it comes to accentuating the good – oversized, statement jewellery or an eye-catching belt will bring attention to the waist and wrap style tops will help create an illusion of a waist for a flattering finish. So, draw attention to the areas of your body you wish to show off and use the power of clothing to distract and divert the eye away from other areas.

Scarves are the perfect way to make a statement and offer coverage when needed. Choose a snuggly knit which will hold its shape to any body, allowing you to hide away any unwanted curves. Whether its draped over your shoulders, worn knotted inside a top blouse, or around the neck, they are an easy and versatile accessory which allows you to stylishly conceal anything you’d like to keep hidden.

Are you feeling frustrated? Dont worry, you can totally beat back fat. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, search for a structured dress which can hide it away. Look for pieces with pleats, puff sleeves and dropped shoulders to mask any lumps and bumps round the upper arms. High-waisted a-line skirts are also perfect for a more camouflaged look.

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Are you in need of activewear? Dont be deterred by what you cant control. There are plenty of sports clothing items which will hold you in in all the right places, such as a halter sports bra and a hi-rise waistband of a gym legging. Not sure where to look for activewear which flatters and fits? There are specialist shops online which provide range of clothing specifically designed for curvier body types.

When you just can’t face any excuses to avoid the gym, reach for a shape-supporting crop-top. Now you dont have to worry and can train with confidence and without distraction.

Off for a weekend away, look for wrap around style dresses, which cinch at the waist and float away from the body. The knot will cleverly hide your middle and instead draw attention to the soft ruching of the skirt. Dont forget to search for dresses which offer a built-in shelf bra and elastic control panels to gently shape your shape.

If the occasion calls for an evening gown, be brave. Try an off the shoulder number which will provide a balanced look and will help define and frame the shoulders. If youre a little daring, why not try a daring laced-up back dress? Do take the time to try them on – there is no doubt the perfect party piece awaits you.

Ready for a makeover? Shake up you look with cascade layering – a brave blending of big bold prints to distract away from the back fat. Enjoy the art of pattern play and work with varying lengths and prints to have some fun with your look. Why not opt for a maxi kaftan, for lightweight layering fixed with a sash or a vibrantly coloured scarf.

Dont shy away from oversized knits which give you a relaxed layered feel. Opt for a pair of fitted jeans underneath and twirl around with a jersey scarf for extra coverage. Now everyone will see the beautiful, confident you – not your back fat.

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When the chillier months hit, knitwear is your friend. Pick masculine shapes and let go of the idea of fitted tops. Let them be loose and long and complete with a colourful scarf to frame the face and to draw attention to the eyes. Styling with blazers, waistcoats, cardigans and shrugs create a slimming illusion to keep the attention away from you back fat.

Though the working week drags, why not save your best look for Fridays? Choose a simple top shape with a colourful fun print with chinos to feel work ready – but still offer you comfortable coverage. Or for a more daring look choose a kimono styled top. Its light layers are both chic and stylish. Wear with cropped trousers for a flattering silhouette.

Although shopping can be daunting, never fear as you can conquer back fat woes and feel confident in the body that you have. Fashion is a beautiful form of self expression, so be brave and enjoy experimenting with the endless options to flatter your shape. Dont neglect or minimise your assets, and dont let yourself be intimidated into wearing something you dont feel comfortable in.

Letting go of those dreaded muffin top days may be hard but its worth exploring the myriad of options to distil your personal style and flatter any areas you dont feel confident in. Trust your instincts when it comes to fit and feel your best.

So, be unselfconscious and set yourself free with confidence-boosting pieces which skim, wrap, nip, tuck and alter your silhouette and let the magic of fashion work its wonders. Dont forget, when it comes to helping you look and feel great, youre in the driving seat, so go ahead, be yourself and express yourself through fashion everyone else is taken!