Determining Your True Bra Cup Size: What You Need to Know

Determining Your True Bra Cup Size: What You Need to Know

Determining your true bra cup size can be daunting, but you can find the perfect fit with a few simple steps. Knowing your correct cup size can make you feel confident and comfortable. It’s important to take your measurements properly, to make sure you get the size that’s perfect for you.

Start by knowing your band size. Without a good band size, all cup measurements will be off. Measure your ribcage directly underneath your breasts, generally in inches. Once you have that number, round it up to the nearest whole number. That’s your band size.

Second, measure your bust size. Measure your bust at the fullest point, including your nipples. Round this number up to the nearest whole number and subtract your band size. This measurement will give you your cup size.

For example, if your ribcage measures 28 inches and your bust is 34 inches, your band size is a 30 and your cup size is a four. As a guide, half an inch equals one cup size and four inches equals one band size.

Now, figure out your sister sizes. What’s this? Sister sizes are alternate sizes that have the same cup capacity, but with a different band size. If you’ve tried on a few bras, you know that cup sizes tend to run between brands, styles and sizes. You may find a brand that offers a 34 C that fits better than a 34 B. It’s important to consider your sister sizes when it comes to determining your true cup size.

Your last step is actually trying on bras. Different style bras have different amounts of lift. Always try on a few sizes of the same bra. Make sure the bra fits properly in the band, cups and straps.

It can take some time to figure out your true cup size, but with a few simple steps and the right measurements, you can be sure you are wearing the best bra for your body. Take the necessary steps to understand your size, and you’ll be sure to have the perfect fit.

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Confidence and comfort is not just achievable but deserved by having the best fitting bra. Consider the different styles, benefits, and the best way to care for your best friend in your wardrobe. It’s understandable to have difficulties and frustrations in finding the right size and shape for your body.

Having the right band size is essential to finding the correct cup size. Take your measurements directly beneath the bottom of the bust for a correct ribcage size; then add four inches to get the band size. Measure the fullness of the bust for the cup size, including your nipples and round up to the nearest whole number before subtracting the band size.

Try and take into account your sister sizes when determining your true cup size. Many different variations of the same cup season exist, providing different fits. Don’t be disheartened if cup sizes vary between brands or styles because your sister size just may be the size and fit you need. A road map to fitting the cup size closer to perfection is to find your sister size.

It is equally important to try on several different styles of bras. Lift and support changes from design to design, and it can be the difference between comfort and discomfort. Try on different sizes of the same bras and feel your way through to ensure the band size, cups, and straps fit correctly.

Your wardrobe should have the right cup size as an insurance policy for feeling good in your clothes. Take some time to determine the correct cup size with the steps outlined, to let your wardrobe become a statement of confidence and style. Sign off on the perfect cup size for your body type and your clothes will fit in all the right places.

Having the right bra size can make the difference between looking good and looking perfect. Try different bras within the different seasons and have a few of the same style and sizes available to you. Try on different band, straps, and cup sizes to make sure that it feels secure and flattering.

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A good cup size should hug your body and provide relief for the bust when the straps are secure and tightened, but not overly tight. Making sure that your bra fits comfortably is a personal preference that is important in determining the right cup size for your body type.

Your bra size is the foundation to any good wardrobe. It provides a convenience in the selection process when shopping for clothing and works to ensure that the clothes fit. Get to know your body and the importance of taking correct measurements for the perfect fit. With the right information and care, your body will thank you.