Top 10 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Arm Fat

Top 10 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Arm Fat

“Arm fat”, those dreaded few extra inches that stay around when we have lost the weight we need to achieve slender arms. As frustrating as it can be, the good news is that, with the right plan and dedication, it can absolutely be bid farewell. Here are our top 10 tips for doing just that:

1. Eat a nutrient-rich, whole-foods-friendly diet. This is by far the most important factor for saying goodbye to arm fat. Everything else we will mention here flows from this point; put a focus on eating lean proteins, high-fiber vegetables, whole grains, and fruits rich in vitamins. Limit processed foods and focus on choosing plant-based proteins.

2. Do exercises that specifically target the triceps. Some of the best exercises for targeting arm fat include triceps dips and push-ups, close-grip press and kick-backs, skull crushers, and triceps extensions. Just make sure to add variety so as to target your triceps from many angles.

3. Include upper-body weight and resistance training. Push-ups and planks are great for burning arm fat, but adding weights can take your game to a whole different level. No more than three weight-training sessions per week is recommended, and proper form must be followed to make sure that you are not overworking your muscles.

4. Don’t forget the cardio. Cardio has an interesting dual effect on fat; as you burn more calories, your body continues to burn calories even after you are done finishing the exercise. On the other hand, performing some cardio activities that involve your triceps, like jogging or running, can help to directly target arm fat.

5. Keep hydrated throughout the day. Water doesn’t just help to flush toxins from your body, but also provides a feeling of fullness. This can help to avoid overeating, which in turn helps in the long-term goal of saying goodbye to arm fat.

6. Don’t neglect your sleep. Sleep is our body’s time of repair. So, no matter how busy life tends to get, it’s important to recognize the importance of getting 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night.

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7. Make sure to include rest days in your exercise routine. Overworking your muscles can lead to injury, so it’s important to have days where you do nothing. Allowing yourself some rest allows the body to repair, rejuvenate, and grow stronger.

Further Tips for Saying Goodbye to Arm Fat

1. Stick to a regular exercise routine. Habits can be hard to form, but an exercise routine isn’t. Start off slow and work your way up, depending upon your goals. With time you will be able to add more complexity to it.

2. Eat small, frequent meals. To help your body stay on track during the day, try to keep yourself fed and energized with small, frequent meals throughout the day. This will help your cravings and stress levels stay in check.

3. Change it up if needed. Changing your routine may seem daunting, but it is important to continue seeing results. You can mix and match exercises, change up your diet, or just increase or decrease intensity as you see fit.

4. Cut down stress. Stress can have a profound effect on our of body, both physically and mentally. Keep track of your stress levels, and take advantage of relaxation techniques to help reduce it.

5. Track your progress. Keep a journal to not just track and remind yourself of what you wanted to achieve, but help you see changes in progress. This will help motivate and inspire as you continue to work towards your goals.

6. Make it fun. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Find the ones you enjoy and make sure to keep at it. Even joining a group or having an exercise buddy can help you continue to stay motivated.

7. Get Accountability. Enlisting the help of family and friends for extra motivation is always a great idea. Even just the simple act of checking in with someone you care about can help you stay consistent and on track.

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Additional Ways to Reduce Arm Fat

1. Watch your Sodium intake. Too much salt in your diet can cause water retention and bloating, which can lead to unwanted arm fat, so limit your daily intake of salt.

2. Increase your potassium intake. Potassium helps to reduce water retention and ease bloating, so getting enough can make a noticeable difference with helping to reduce arm fat.

3. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is rife with empty calories and can cause dehydration and inflammation, both of which can lead to an increase in arm fat.

4. Add more fiber to your diet. High-fiber foods are often nutrient-dense and can help to control hunger, but the real benefit of fiber is that it helps the body stay fuller for a longer period of time.

5. Use resistance bands. Resistance bands can add some variety to your exercise routine and help work the muscles from different angles.

6. Avoid sugary snacks. Sugary and high-carb foods can cause your blood sugar to spike, leading to an increase in insulin and water retention. Not only can this lead to more arm fat, but can also be detrimental to your overall health.

7. Address hormonal issues. If you’re having issues with arm fat, this could be due to underlying hormonal issues. So it’s important to make sure that your body is in balance and that you’re getting the right nutrition to help your hormones reach the correct levels.

More Tips to Get Rid of Arm Fat

1. Reduce your overall body fat. You can do all the arm exercises you want, but if you don’t reduce your overall body fat, that infamous arm fat is going to stay. So an important part of saying goodbye to arm fat is having an effective cardio plan.

2. Try natural remedies. Who knew that eating a diet filled with garlic, parsley, and other greens can help reduce arm fat? These natural remedies can help reduce the flab as they help to increase metabolism and reduce fat storage.

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3. Work your core. Although arm fat may be a pesky thing, working the rest of our body has a part to play as well. Having a strong core will work to reduce arm fat as it helps to reduce overall body fat.

4. Reduce stress-related eating. If you tend to reach for sugary snacks during periods of stress, this means that the arm fat you’ve worked so hard to get rid of is going to come back. So try to look for healthy, yet yummy, alternatives.

5. Surround yourself with positivity. Having a positive mindset during this process is key. If you’re constantly focusing on the negatives, then you’re never going to make significant progress. So make sure your environment is one that can help bolster you and your goals.

6. Get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D has so many benefits, and can also help reduce arm fat. Getting enough through sunshine or through your diet is a must for anyone looking to bid farewell to arm fat.

7. Choose the right clothes. To minimize the appearance of arm fat, choose cooler tops instead of form-fitting ones; sweaters or shirts with allover patterns will help to draw anyone’s eye away from problem areas.