Get Comfortable in Style: Best Tips for Buying the Perfect Wide Back Bra

Get Comfortable in Style: Best Tips for Buying the Perfect Wide Back Bra

Every woman loves to feel comfortable when wearing clothes. Even if it’s a wide back bra, the right fit goes a long way in creating a fashion statement. There is a certain art to finding the perfect wide back bra and if done right, the result can be nothing short of amazing. To make sure you feel extra confident in any outfit and get the attention you deserve, here are the best tips for buying the perfect wide back bra:

First and foremost, you need to measure your bust size accurately. To identify the right size of bra, select a tape measure that is used for measuring the circumference of the underbelly. Have someone help you take your measurements and ensure that the tape measure is held firmly while taking the measurements. This will give you an accurate figure of your bust size against which you can make the correct decision regarding the wide back bras for your body type.

Secondly, deduce the cup size based on the bust size. To decipher the cup size, take a look at the perimeter of the rib cage as that will give you a good idea of the cup size you should be looking for. If it sits between 32 and 34 inches, then the cup size should be A. Don’t forget to add breathing room for the right fit. This step is an important one as choosing to ignore this could reduce the fashion appeal and may make your outfit look dull.

Thirdly, determine the width between the straps over the back. Half of the beauty of wearing the right wide back bra lies in the perfect fit over the back. To gauge this, you must place the tape measure around your rib cage, just below the bust line. Make sure the tape measure is level and that it is neither too tight nor too loose. This will give you a good indication of the ideal width that you should be looking for when investing in bras.

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Fourthly, try different designs and fabrics. A wide variety of fabrics like cotton and lace are available in the market for creating clothes like wide back bras. Before investing in one, it is important to choose the right color. For instance, if you are looking for a relaxed look for the day, try a pair with subtle shades like white, peach, or pink. On the other hand, if you are aiming to make an evening statement, then a backless wide back bra with black lace may be your best bet.

Lastly, pay extra attention to the straps and closures. The straps and closures should be comfortable enough for all-day wear. Also, the straps should be adjustable ensuring your bust area is provided with ample support. Look for bras whose stretchability offers a good fit and does not lead to discomfort.

Along with the comfort level, wide back bras having detailed patterns of embroidery and beading catch attention easily and add an extra glamorous touch to your outfit. Invest in such beautiful pieces and team them with short skirts or western-style dresses for a glamorous look.

Wide back bras having intricate cut-outs with contrasting laces running around the edges are ideal for a bold yet chic look. Such bras paired with ankle length trousers or shorts is sure to make heads turn.

For a dramatic look, look out for wide back bras having heavy embellishments, intricate lace patterns, and deep plunging neckline. A variety of designs such as halter, cross back, and over-the-shoulder backless bra are suitable for this style. Pair these pieces with long dresses or classic high-waist jeans for added style.

Nowadays, you can also pick wide back bras having unique and eye-catching designs ranging from pastel shades to vibrant colours. Many of these designs are made of stretchable materials and are perfect for special occasions. Some of the popular combinations include modest necklines with deep backlines or ruffles teamed with knitted mesh.

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Thus, use these tips to find the perfect wide back bra for you. With the right choice, fashion has never been so comfortable. Once you invest in them, you can easily flaunt the best of styles with confidence and charm.