Which split is best for fat loss?

If you still want to lift heavy and focus on some PRs on your squats, deadlifts, etc., while working towards that fat loss goal, then splitting workouts up into upper body days and lower body days can be a solid compromise. And if you want a little extra edge for reaching your fat loss goals, try Super HD.

Is split workout good for weight loss?

Benefits of a Split Workout

By focusing on individual muscle groups and movements, you will increase your potential for muscle mass gains. Therefore, a split workout is best if your goal is to increase muscle mass rather than lose fat.

What is the best workout schedule for weight loss?

Here’s the basic breakdown of what you’ll be doing:

Strength training three days a week, one hour per session. High-intensity interval training one day a week, 20 minutes per session. Steady-state cardio one day a week, 35 to 45 minutes per session. Two days of active recovery.

What workout split is best for cutting?

I suggest most lifters choose a 4-5 day workout split when cutting. My go-to splits are either a 4-day (upper, lower, upper, lower) split or a 5-day split that has a lifter training most muscle groups at least twice per week.

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What are the 5 workout split?

Five-Day Split Program 2: Two On, One Off
  • Day 1: Chest and triceps.
  • Day 2: Back and biceps.
  • Day 3: Rest.
  • Day 4: Shoulders and traps.
  • Day 5: Arms.
  • Day 6: Rest.
  • Day 7: Legs.
  • Day 8: Chest and triceps.