What exercise burns the most calories at home?

At home
  • Walking is the simplest way to burn calories at home.
  • Running is the best workout for burning calories, improving flexibility, and increasing endurance.
  • Jumping jacks are a basic cardio exercise that raises your heart rate.

How can I burn 1000 calories at home?

  1. Warm up: 5 minutes walking/jogging (50 calories)
  2. Cardio blast: 10 minutes running up and down stairs as fast as you can (150 calories)
  3. Strength circuit #1: 1-minute each of burpees, sit-ups, and pushups.
  4. Cardio blast: 7 minutes jumping rope (100 calories)
  5. Rest: 5 minutes.

How can I burn 500 calories at home?

Burn 500 Calories Working Out At-Home (30-Min Workouts)
  1. Running.
  2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  3. Cycling.
  4. Plyometrics.
  5. Climbing stairs.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Housework.
  8. Bodyweight workouts.

How many calories does a 30 minute home workout burn?

To see the difference that intensity can have on caloric expenditure, consider some numbers from Harvard Health Publishing: A 125-pound person will burn 180 calories during an intense 30-minute strength workout. A 155-pound person will burn 216 calories. A 185-pound person will burn 252 calories.

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How many steps burns 500 calories?

Good for you! It takes 20 steps to burn 1 calorie, therefore walking 10,000 steps burns off about 500 calories, which can then be added to your total calorie budget for the day. The recommended daily calorie requirement is 1,800 for an average female and 2,200 for an average male.

How can I burn 1000 calories in 30 minutes?

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