What day is National women’s health and fitness day?

U.S. National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of September, falling on September 28 this year. It’s a special day to promote the importance of health awareness and fitness for all women.

How do we celebrate National women’s health and fitness day?

Consider them for yourself and take away some ideas that you can encourage your female patients to try out.
  1. Find an Event/Host an Event.
  2. Discover a New Fitness Activity.
  3. Grab a Friend.
  4. Buy an Activity/Fitness Tracker.
  5. Take Care of Your Mental Health.
  6. Get a Check Up.
  7. Take Time to Relax: Get a Massage.
  8. Eat Healthy.

What is National health and fitness day?

National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) is an initiative to challenge Canada to become the Fittest Nation on Earth, starting with making one day, the first Saturday in June, the day when Canadians get out and get active in any way they wish.

What month is women’s health Month?

NCCC recognizes each May as Women’s Health Month. It officially kicks off this year on May 10 with National Women’s Health Week, an annual observance led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health.

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Why is women’s health so important?

Women have a unique set of health care challenges and are at higher risk of developing certain conditions and diseases than men. The leading causes of death for women include heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, all of which could potentially be treated or prevented if identified early enough.

What is National women’s health Week?

National Women’s Health Week starts each year on Mother’s Day to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. Even during COVID-19 when many of us are at home, there are safe ways for you to stay active and healthy.

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