Cut Lower Back Fat With These Proven Exercises

Cut Lower Back Fat With These Proven Exercises

Excess fat around your lower back area can be difficult to shift, but with the right exercises, you can get your lower back into shape. It doesn’t have to be a long and grueling process either, as these proven exercises can help cut lower back fat in no time. Follow these top tips and you’ll be on your way to a leaner, healthier lower back.

First of all, get more cardio into your workout. Choose activities you enjoy, like swimming, walking, running or biking. Cardio helps to burn fat all over your body, and if done on a regular basis it can help to reduce the fat on your lower back too.

Next, focus on your core muscles. Plank exercises, burpees, side planks and mountain climbers all work your core. When you strengthen your core muscles, you can help to shift that stubborn fat from your lower back.

Thirdly, don’t neglect your back muscles. Doing exercises like bent over rows, one handed rows and reverse dumbbell flies will help to tone and build your back muscles, which can help to create a slimmer lower back silhouette.

Fourth, pay attention to your eating habits. To reduce fat, it’s important to eat healthily and cut down on processed and sugary foods. Eating more protein will help to build and tone your muscles, while complex carbs will provide you with the energy needed for those workouts.

Fifth, drink more water. Staying hydrated will help to flush out your system, as well as satisfying your thirst.

Finally, take charge and stay motivated. Motivation is key, so make sure you set yourself realistic goals and stick to your diet and exercise plan. With consistent effort and commitment, you’ll see lower back fat dwindle away.

To really get into shape, you should be combining aerobic activity with strength and flexibility exercises. This will help to tone and strengthen the muscles and help you achieve your slimmer lower back goals. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, walking, cycling or swimming, will help you burn off fat and get your heart rate up. Then incorporate some weight-bearing exercises, such as squats and lunges, to build muscle.

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Stretching is important too. Stretching will help to improve your flexibility and range of motion, while also reducing tension and improving posture. Regular stretching can also prevent strains and injuries during workouts. Try yoga or Pilates for both aerobic exercise and stretching.

Finally, don’t forget to take some time out for yourself. Stress can cause your body to hold fat, so unwinding with a hot bath or an evening stroll is essential. Take a few moments to rest and relax to help keep you motivated and focused when it comes to getting rid of that stubborn lower back fat.

To sum up, follow these top tips to cut lower back fat: cardio, core exercises, back workouts, healthy eating, staying hydrated, avoiding stress and taking regular rest and relaxation days. Looking after yourself in all these areas can help you to achieve your lower back fat goals.

For further help and support, why not look into hiring a personal trainer? A personal trainer can give you one-to-one advice and support, ensure you are doing exercises correctly and customize your workouts to make sure you are getting the most out of them.

Alternatively, you can always look into adding dietary supplements to your routine. Natural dietary supplements such as fatty acids, amino acids and green tea extracts can all aid in the fat burning process.

When it comes to lifestyle changes, changing your attitude is the most important step. Take control and be disciplined to stick to your diet and exercise routine, and you’ll soon see results on your lower back.

More exercises like pilates and yoga can help target and tone your lower back muscles. Pilates is especially helpful for those with back pain, as it helps to strengthen the spine and improve overall balance. Similarly, yoga helps to build strength and tone your muscles while improving posture and flexibility.

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Finally, keep your motivation levels high. It can be hard to maintain motivational levels, particularly when you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for. Try to focus on the ‘bigger’ picture where you will eventually reach your goal; visualising your dream body can be a great way to stay positive!

Making changes to your lifestyle and incorporating these exercises can help you to burn that excess back fat quicker and get you on your way to a leaner lower back area. Setting long term goals and breaking them up into short term goals can help you stay focused and motivated. With dedication and determination, you can successfully cut lower back fat and have the body you always wanted.