What kind of bra should I wear after breast augmentation?

Best Post-Surgery Bra

Immediately after surgery, your breasts will be swollen and tender, so you will likely need to wear a medical compression bra, also called a surgical bra, without underwires.

How long after breast augmentation can I wear normal bras?

Wait Until You Are Healed to Purchase New Bras

In general, most women are able to wear bras 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation. That being said, Dr. Pozner recommends waiting approximately three months before spending a lot of money on new bras.

What should I wear after breast augmentation?

In most cases you’re going to want to wear clothes that are easy to take on and off. Loose fitting t-shirts or blouses and zip-up hoodies tend to work best. Due to the nature of how breast implants are inserted into the body, there will be some incisions made in the body tissue/muscle underneath the skin.

Should I wear a tight bra after breast augmentation?

You will be advised to wear a compressive bra for two to three weeks post-operatively following breast implant placement. It should be worn 24/7 and removed only while taking a shower. It accelerates the recovery of your breasts following surgery and helps keep the implant in the correct position.

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Can I wear a sports bra instead of surgical bra?

Yes, a wireless sports or compression bra is the best type of bra to wear after breast augmentation surgery. Wired bras can irritate incisions and prevent them from healing, which can prolong your recovery and make the experience more painful than it needs to be.

How long should I sleep elevated after breast augmentation?

Essentially, you’ll need to sleep in an elevated position after breast augmentation surgery for at least one to two months (around six weeks for the majority of patients). The reason is that this position helps to reduce swelling, largely by taking the pressure off the incision areas and the implants themselves.

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