How tight should my sports bra be after breast augmentation?

Answer: Breast Augmentation Recovery

Your surgical bra should be snug but not tight and certainly not painful! Please call your plastic surgeon ASAP to confirm my advice, however I would remove the bra if it is causing you such extreme discomfort.

What kind of bra should I wear after breast surgery?

After your breast surgery, we recommend using a strong supportive cotton front closure bra without an underwire. This is recommended after breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, breast revision, and breast lift surgeries.

Can I wear a padded sports bra after breast augmentation?

Answer: Bra restrictions

Padding is ok, as long as there is no underwire rubbing in the incisions. I recommend discussing specific post op instructions with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

When will my implants drop and soften?

Generally speaking, implants begin to drop and fluff after a few days, approach their final position after six weeks, and settle entirely after three months.

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How long does it take for breast implants to settle into place?

In as few as a few days, patients may begin to notice their implants begin to settle. By several weeks, the implants will be near their final resting position. The three-month mark is typically the latest that movement will be noticed. Athletes with strong chest muscles may require more time to notice breast settling.

Are sports bras good for post surgery?

Although sports bras are great for exercising, they’re not really the best option for women to wear immediately after surgery. Compression bras are designed to help reduce post-operative bleeding and swelling, and to support tender skin.

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