How do I fix my side boobs?

Side set boobs are breast shapes that tend to feel a bit more like the east and the west than something due north.

Ways You Can Uplift And Support Wide Set Boobs

  1. Look For Plunging Necklines.
  2. Try Bras With Higher Cut Armholes.
  3. Wear A Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra.
  4. Avoid Underwire.
  5. Choose Padded Sports Bras.

What can I do with wide set breasts?

Plunge bras

As mentioned further up, people with wide-set breasts can have issues with cup gaping near the sternum, where their breast tissue is less full. Plunge bras offer a convenient and stylish way around this, since the cut of the cups means it primarily covers the fuller, outer side of the breast.

What is a side shaping bra?

So, what does a side support bra do? Side Support bras provide the optimal support and lift you need. The additional features strengthen the bra and push your breast tissue to the centre with forward projection. These bras prevent any unwanted spillage at the sides, and give a smooth silhouette.

What is a side sling?

Side Sling Style

Side Sling maternity bras feature a ‘sling’ of fabric on the outer side of the cup that supports the breast during feeding. Side-sling nursing bra’s reveal more of the breast (the top half) and allow greater skin-on-skin contact between mum and bub during breastfeeding.

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What does side sling mean?

The first is a ‘side sling’, a piece of fabric at the outer edge of the cup, which stretches from the base up to the apex (where the strap and cup meet). It might be overlaid and incorporated into the design, or it might be hidden away inside the bra.

What does side boning do in a bra?

Side Boning

Now that we are sorted with the placement of the breasts tissues, we don’t want the tissues slipping towards the sides and creating any unsightly bulges. That’s where side boning comes into play. It keeps your sides firm pushing the tissues towards the front and giving your a sleeker silhouette.

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