Can sports bras cause shoulder and neck pain?

Sports bras provide support against gravity and are important for breast health. However, ill fitting or poorly designed bras may compress muscles and nerves around the upper shoulder and neck. When these structures are compressed for a lengthy period of time, blood flow is diminished causing injury and pain.

Can wearing a sports bra cause neck pain?

So if you experience neck or upper back pain from your sports bra, you’re not alone. The thing is, chronic neck discomfort and pain from sports bras isn’t just a slight inconvenience—it can be a huge factor in whether a young woman or nonbinary person with breasts gets involved in a sport or exercises at all.

Why does my neck and shoulder hurt when I wear a bra?

THE COMPRESSION OF THE COSTOCLAVICULAR PASSAGE: When you wear bras that have very narrow straps and /or cut very sharply on your shoulders because they are really tight, they may compress the veins and arteries around your neck and shoulders. This is especially common in women who are obese, big-breasted or elderly.

Why does my sports bra make my shoulders hurt?

If it’s too loose or not supportive enough, the burden of support will move to the shoulder straps and that will cause shoulder and back pain.” To ensure an underband is tight enough, Tempesta recommends reaching around and pulling the underband away from the back to gauge how much room there is.

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What causes Costoclavicular syndrome?

Costoclavicular compression in obese, heavy breasted, middle aged or elderly women from tight, narrow brassiere straps is a common cause of neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Clues to diagnosis and simple treatment measures, including the use of a shoulder pad, are described.

Why do I have dents in my shoulders from my bra?

Disproportionately large breasts often result in neck, back, and shoulder pain. Bra straps can cause grooves in the shoulders and the bra band below your breasts can sometimes dig in and cause discomfort. If you are overweight, and weight loss is possible, then that would be advisable prior to any surgery.

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