How much is pork back fat?

$3.25/lb. Avg.

Can you buy just pork fat?

You can buy pork fat in a butcher shop, grocery store, or online. Training as a chef, I was taught that lean meat and lean pork was overrated. If you want flavor, then fat is the way to go.

Where can I get my fat back?

Where to Buy Fatback. Fatback cab can be purchased at many butcher shops and through meat purveyors, especially those specializing in pork.

Is fatback the same as pork fat?

The main difference between pork belly and fatback can be found in their names: the former is cut from the belly of the hog, whereas the fatback is trimmed from the area on either side of the spine. In terms of flavor, they’re similar, but pork belly contains both meat and fat, whereas fatback is all fat.

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What is pork fat back used for?

Fatback is a cut of pork typically taken off the back of the pig. While it can be used very much like bacon, fatback contains very little to no meat. While a staple in the American South and the perfect lard for all pastries, fatback is also utilized the world over for seasoning and smoking.

Can you eat fatback?

Can you eat fatback? Yes! Fatback is used in forcemeat (terrines, rillettes, sausages etc.) and traditional dishes from the American south (fried fatback, green beans, baked beans and collard greens).

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