5 Bra Styles to Hide Unwanted Back Fat

5 Bra Styles to Hide Unwanted Back Fat

Having excess fat on the back is a common concern for many people, but there is no need to despair and hide under layers of clothing. With the right type of bra you can completely avoid feeling self-conscious and perfect the art of distraction. Here, we present five great bra styles that can help you hide unwanted back fat:

1. The Push-Up Bra: This type of bra is designed to give the chest an extra lift and provide support to the back. It has an underwire and padded cups that can help camouflage back bulges and emphasize the bust. Women with a pear shaped figure will find this a great option as it can draw attention away from the rear and optimize curves.

2. The Wireless Bra: This bra style is crafted to have no wires which makes it ideal for those with excessive back fat. It has cups lined with supportive fabric which can give a medium-level of lift. It is also an excellent option for those who prefer something a bit more comfortable.

3. The Full-Coverage Bra: Despite being thickly padded, this type of bra is lightweight, stretchable and designed with structured cups that offer great coverage. It not only helps prevent bulges but also smooths out the back by providing resistance both at the bust and torso.

4. The Racerback Bra: With its wider band on the back and double hook-and-eyes, this style of bra gives the necessary support and helps minimize fat on the back. It can make the shoulder straps stay in place and provides a snug fit for any sized bust.

5. The Plunge Bra: This bra style has a wide bottom band on the back and a deep front that gives a slight lift to the bust. It comes with adjustable straps that can be converted into racerback providing greater support and comfort. The deep V push-up front can attract attention away from the back and help to create good curves overall.

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To further enhance the look, these five bra styles should be combined with camouflaging clothes. With the right type of fitted clothes made using stretchable fabric, you can create an attractive silhouette and also make sure that the bulges don’t show through. Dark colors or those with interesting patterns and prints can be used to draw attention away from the back. Layering fabrics can also be used to minimize fat deposits while also being fashionable. Wearing light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or cotton works well in hiding and one can even accessorize with a belt to achieve a slimming look.

Another great way to draw attention away from unwanted back fat is to get a good haircut. Consider trying something that cups the neck area so that it falls at the shoulders. Adding some layers around the neck or chin area can bring attention to the face and can help to absorb some of the bulges. Alternatively, if you have curly hair, using a volumizing mousse can be a great choice.

To get that perfect look, you would want to have the right kind of makeup. Applying a matte bronzer across the back can help to accentuate the curves and give the illusion of slimness. You can also add highlighter to the bust area to give it an extra lift. Remember to be mindful about foundation; opt for one with good coverage and make sure that any other products are waterproof so that they can last longer.

Finally, posture is key when hiding unwanted back fat. Make sure to stand straight and make sure your shoulders are back and chin up so that you strike an elegant silhouette. Gently pressing your shoulder back into the bra can also help mold the cup and minimize the appearance of any bulges. All these great tips can help you successfully hide back fat and feel great in whatever you wear.